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˙✧˖°📷 ༘ ⋆。˚ A #COMCOreMemory is Added!
A year ago felt like an eternity and a blink, all at the same time. It was a roller coaster ride – full of unexpected turns and exciting surprises. But I guess that is what “for the plot” is – it’s either you scream or just enjoy the thrilling ride.
It was a year ago when I joined a campaign that made surprising and exciting developments in my career – my first campaign with SBU Uno, the Century Tuna Saving Our Seas Initiatives. 🫧
I mean, meeting the Alden Richards face-to-face, just a foot away from me??? Who would have thought? Kidding aside, the CT SOS is a campaign that I will forever be proud of. It is and will always be one of the many highlights of my career in the industry.
Growing up in a coastal community, with our home just a walk away from the beach, I had many fond memories along the shores of Pangasinan – from our childhood swimmings, high school group works, young love dates, the Pistay Dayats, significant works (especially when I was handling the Environment and Agriculture beats during my stint with the Provincial Government), to being a simple passerby during road trips. Needless to say, it is a big part of me. ⋆。 ゚🌊
But you see, little did we know that the seas and beaches that we love are suffering from plastic pollution affecting not only the country’s rice marine biodiversity but also us, humans, as well? And that if we don’t change our ways, the consequences will always come back to us.
When I received Coach Ferds’ message saying I should join the pitch for this account, I knew from that moment, I was all-in for this. The CT SOS became an advocacy for people to protect our planet and save our seas.
The launch was filled with exciting activities that made me appreciate my craft more. Meaningful storytelling goes beyond just doing the pitch and doing the work. Meaningful storytelling, in COMCO, means creating projects and initiatives that resonate with the communities, inspire and transform, and change the world, one campaign at a time.
The Century Tuna Saving Our Seas was truly a meaningful campaign earning nods from highly esteemed international award-giving organizations like the MarCom Awards 2023, Marketing Interactive Awards 2024, Public Relations and Communications Association Asia-Pacific Awards 2024, and International Communications Consultancy Organisation Awards 2023. 💗
When I look back, it wasn’t just the campaign’s meaning or the awards we received for it. It was also about the trust, support, and mentorship that COMCO gave to our team that made it more impactful for me. It almost didn’t feel like work but a continuous learning process which underscored the agency’s unique work culture and positive workplace community. It is the consistent reinforcement of confidence that each of us is significant to the team and that our contributions are valued and appreciated. It is the management’s trust in your potential, abilities, and commitment to your career. It is the mentorship that COMCO provides as it prepares you for bigger roles not only in your career but in life as well.
A year ago felt like an eternity and a blink, all at the same time. But with COMCO, I got to enjoy every part of it. 💟💟💟
Pero core memory din talaga mameet si Alden. Saving my heart din pala. kimmy.