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It was mid-2022, downhearted and was looking for a new job. I applied as an Accounting Officer at COMCO. I did search about the company and got intrigued about the “Our COMCOSquadron” tagline. I even got more excited when found out they are into Star Wars and superhero movies. Haha! I did my best and just being myself during exams and interviews. Voila! I got accepted! 😊
In my 20 months of working in COMCO, a lot happened… A year-long celebration of company’s anniversary event including the Movie Night with COMCOmigos watching Black Panther and Guardians of the Galaxy. We’ve been to different beautiful places during COMCOlidays and COMCOn. We were able to extend help and inspiration to the kids of Little Angels Orphanage and to our fellow Filipinos in Mindanao thru Citizen COMCO. We shared stories of ourselves by means of “Desk Wars”. My birthdays will never be the same again without the Ube Bloom Cake and of course the brainstorming for the birthday surprise to our dear Coach Ferds. COMCO unlocks my dancing prowess during tiktok challenges. Haha! We cried our hearts out during the awarding ceremony of winners for “UNMASKED: The COMCO Mundo Write to Ignite Season 3”. COMCO also awakens my stagnant love for playing badminton. I found new friends and we treat each like brothers and sisters so in short, we are like a family that supports each other. 🥰
But what is my best COMCOre Memory? 🤔
It was August 30, 2023, during All-Stars Assembly, the announcement of promoted employees and I was one of them! I got accelerated promotion and now the Corporate Services Supervisor of COMCO! It was a mixed emotion for me that time because I was grieving and devasted. I dedicated this career growth to my nanay because I know that she was very happy for me and she was watching over us, her family. ILYAIMY! 💜
Two years ago, I prayed hard to be in a company that appreciates their employees’ hard work and effort. Thank you God I found COMCO! Cheers to more years with you! Happy 8th! 🎉💜🥳