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Growing up, I really don’t like the first day of school. You know—papakilala, nakatayo ka sa harap, tapos new classmates eeppp.🙈 Especially since as a June baby, my birthday alwaaaays falls on the first week of school opening. Ayoko nga pagkalat when’s my birthday para akin lang ang ang pao.🧧🧧Hehe kidding aside, nadala ko siya until I joined the workforce. TBH, mas masaya ako sa backend, support ko kayo for life. Ganyan.
Awkward na nga maging “new girl” in the office, how much more as a new girl with a team that you need to help guide and lead. Solid na sila eh, but the culture in COMCO is really something else. One of the fondest memories I have is my first Purple Exchange & Management Training at COMCO. Sobrang nahihiya pa ako at that time (di lang halata, I think), but it’s as if ang tagal ko na part ng team. We bonded over good food while discussing plans, the team, and more. Favorite activity ko when we exchanged letters, haha, and I’ve kept them all.😍 Nakakatawa basahin, yung kay AC may origami-effect pa.
A friend told me na aside from the company, you look at its people, if they have been with the company for a long time then it means that the management is doing something right. Being with the team during that time gave me a glimpse of what makes COMCO special. COMCO really cares for its people.💜 Mahirap ang buhay ahensya, but being with the team, having a team, and knowing that they gotchu whatever happens makes the difference (kaway kaway sa mga support system tuwing concert ticketing, di ko na kayo papangalanan; and of course sa always noisy COMCO SEA Team).
During my anniversary sabi ni Hen, akala niya sobrang tagal ko na sa COMCO. Di na yan akala, totohanin na. To more COMCOre memories together!🎉