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Years later and I still reminisce occasionally about one of my first projects.
Circa 2018, I was assigned to lead the launch of the first-ever Play Advocacy Week for Unilab Foundation together with my then director, Ms. Joan. It was my first major event, so just imagine the anxiety and stress I felt during the months-long preparation. The day before the event we even ended up staying in the office until 12am only to wake up at 6am for the 9am event. By the end of it, even though no one could talk to me properly, I just remember a feeling of satisfaction for making it through and genuine appreciation for all the people there. Even though it was my team’s event, the entire COMCO Squadron was full force that day.
I wouldn’t say things got easier after that because no, not exactly. I was able to handle so many other projects, full of highs and lows. As in – idk how many times I’ve cried to my director or an officemate because I was being hard on myself or just because of sheer tiredness HUHU. But still, the level of trust they’ve given me, iba. The projects I’ve handled, the places they’ve sent me to – I sometimes question if I actually deserve them. But during my entire stay in COMCO, never once have my leaders made me feel insufficient. The only thing they’ve ever seen in me was potential, no matter how many growing pains I’ve had to and are still going through.
Looking at the people around me now, and all the associates that have come and gone, I feel a sense of pride and joy at how far the team has come. More than that, I keep seeing myself in my associates and all I want to do is support them the way my leaders have.
Our head, Coach Ferds calls me “super girl” because he thinks I stay strong whatever project or account is given to me. Tbh there have been a lot of times when I feel the opposite, when I just wanted to lay down and forget all my responsibilities. But I think that’s what being strong is all about – pushing through even when the urge to give up is overwhelming. It also helps and gives me comfort knowing I have an entire team as strong as me or maybe even stronger that is ready for whatever challenge comes.
To the entire COMCO Squadron – thank you for the 8 years. I enjoy being strong with you all. 💜