M&M’s Vote PH 2016

As the Philippine 2016 national election became heated and intense, M&M’s introduced a campaign that made the people cool down and have some fun! M&M’s Red (Matapang, Magaling Red), Yellow (Kabarkadang Bayan Yellow) and Green (Confidently Smart Bae-yani Green) became official candydates and ran for the M&M’s Character of the Year election, also known as #VoteMMs2016.

Like a real election campaign, the M&M’s candydates had their own campaign managers and teams, PR and social media campaign, press rounds, mitingde avance that includes a grand but fun debate, motorcade and jingles, among others! Public response and social media engagement

M&M’s Vote PH 2016 campaign won the IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) Quill Award of Excellence for Social Media Program.