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As a part of its annual traditional holiday outreach program for children, COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises, the parent company of COMCO Southeast Asia, celebrated the holidays with the children of Little Angels Home, Inc. at the recently held COMCOlidays with Kids led by the Camp COMCO Alumni Society and Citizen COMCO Advocacy Program.

COMCOlidays COMCO Mundo PR and Digital

COMCOlidays with Kids is an annual outreach program held by COMCO Mundo through COMCO Southeast Asia, the Camp COMCO Alumni Society and Citizen COMCO Advocacy Program, where they celebrate the holidays with a day of fun, laughter and togetherness for the benefit of the most vulnerable sector in society – children. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, COMCOwans celebrated their previous COMCOlidays virtually in 2021 and had to reschedule their 2022 onsite activity.

Finally, this early 2023, the organization held COMCOlidays with Kids at the Little Angels Home Orphanage, a non-government charitable organization that aims to care for orphaned and abandoned children. Anchored on the theme “We Can Be Heroes,” COMCOlidays with Kids became a day when the children of Little Angels got to express themselves, sharing stories about their favorite superheroes.

COMCOlidays COMCO Mundo PR and Digital

The COMCO Squadron was ready to bring holiday cheer by playing games with the kids such as Pass the Message, Musical Chairs, Stop Dance and other iconic party games, with winners and participating children taking home prizes.

The main highlight of the COMCOlidays was the gift-giving when the ates (sisters) and kuyas (brothers) from the COMCO Squadron gave each child personalized superhero shirts and gifts extending the Christmas season even until February. Aside from the personal gifts, COMCO also turned-over grocery packages and cash donations to Little Angels.

COMCOlidays COMCO Mundo PR and Digital

“I would like to thank everyone for being part of this year’s COMCOlidays,” said COMCO Mundo’s  Group Chief Executive Director and Lead Strategic Communications Counsel / Partner and Co-Founder, Mr. Ferdinand Bondoy. “This is the first time in a long time that we were able to celebrate COMCOlidays face-to-face with the kids again, and we are truly honored to finally be here once again with our long-time partner Little Angels. This is truly what the holidays are all about: spreading joy, sharing the love and paying it forward,” he said.

As COMCO Mundo aims to explore new horizons this year, the organization continues to commit itself to supporting vulnerable communities and working towards a better future for all. Here’s to more memorable COMCOlidays to come!


About COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises

COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises is the parent company and the umbrella group of COMCO’s existing and upcoming ventures and initiatives – a collective of agencies, companies, and programs dedicated to advancing the communications profession and related disciplines such as digital, media, advocacy, training and education, and entrepreneurship; to being a force for social change; to nurturing talent growth and workplace community culture; and to championing borderless collaboration. The COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises is a powerhouse group of communication companies comprised of COMCO Southeast Asia – New PR and Smart Social, COMCO Middle East and Africa Marketing Services, TARO AOX Digital + Integrated Communications, SEA Wave Pop Culture Studio, Camp COMCO Mentorship Program and Alumni Society, and Citizen COMCO Advocacy Program.