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Every step and every move might be different for each COMCOy, yet all paths converge towards our collective goal of meaningful storytelling as we celebrate an unforgettable anniversary. The COMCO Squadron’s diverse experiences culminate as the team marks a successful #Mission2024 8th anniversary celebration!

COMCO Anniversary

Our COMCO Squadron poses with Cody during their #Mission2024 8th Anniversary Celebration at Val D’Orcia PH in Silang, Cavite


Our COMCO Squadron was taken to a delightful weekend trip in a luxury private pool in Silang, Cavite, in celebration of COMCO SEA’s 8th anniversary and TARO AOX’s 1st anniversary. The celebration was bursting with lively games and activities that brought the team even closer together, strengthening those bonds and connections in the most fun-filled way!

COMCO Mundo made it a tradition to celebrate anniversaries with flair and fun. This year, our COMCO Squadron participated in a variety of activities, including billiards and karaoke, as well as bonfires and their own version of the game “We’re Not Really Strangers.” It was a blast as COMCOys shared their unique stories and experiences.

The team also bonded over the preparation of food they enjoyed during their stay at the resort. COMCO SEA whipped up some tasty afternoon snacks while TARO AOX took charge of grilling up a storm for dinner. COMCO Mundo treated everyone to their famous evening refreshments and COMCOffee Club brought joy by preparing the brunch.

COMCO Anniversary

Creating memories together. Our COMCO Squadron enjoyed preparing food, karaoke and games during their stay at Val D’Orcia PH.

Creating memories together. Our COMCO Squadron enjoyed preparing food, karaoke and games during their stay at Val D’Orcia PH.

The highlight of the event was when our COMCO Squadron accepted the challenge to do a team entry for the famous TikTok trend “I’ll Be Missing You”, symbolizing that our COMCO Squadron will break the norm and reinforce excellence in our practice at every step we take. This is the first ever team TikTok entry of our COMCO Squadron.

COMCO Mundo’s anniversary celebrations over the years have consistently served as a declaration of the company’s boundless goals and missions. It started with Faithful 2016, followed by Fortress 2017, Acceleration 2018, Colossal 2019, Full Blast 2020, Nucleus 2021, Metamorphosis 2022, and Epic 2023, and now the 8th anniversary is dubbed #Mission2024, as this year will be filled with relentless and accomplished missions for the company and, of course, the great team.

COMCO Anniversary

Our COMCO Squadron visits The Pink Sisters Chapel and Convent in Tagaytay, a company tradition every time they go to Tagaytay for team activities.

“Mission 2024 is really about building the great team—the best team ever. We take pride every time we are able to build a great team within us on top of our individual achievements,” said COMCO Mundo Group Chief Executive Director and Lead Strategic Communications Counsel/Partner and Co-Founder Ferdinand L. Bondoy.

COMCO Anniversary

Say Meaningful Storytelling! Our COMCO Squadron comes together for a groufie after the TikTok shoot.

COMCO Mundo has remained dedicated to its goal of nurturing talent growth and fostering a positive workplace culture. Fun fact: most of the awesome COMCO Squadron members started out as fresh talent discovered by Coach Ferds in its renowned CAMP COMCO mentorship program. Since then, COMCO has persisted in fostering these talents and providing them with an environment and creative playground open to growth and creativity.

COMCO Mundo values team culture to power its unique brand of Meaningful Storytelling. The company creates a supportive atmosphere for all COMCOys by encouraging teamwork, open communication, and a commitment to diversity. By embracing and nurturing every member’s individual abilities, COMCO Mundo fuels enthusiasm, ensuring that our stories engage truly with audiences.


Good food brings us together. Our COMCO Squadron during their dinner at Val D’Orcia PH.

The cozy celebration got even better with some exciting news. Surprise announcements of several team members stepping up were made, like Ronette Tibay, who’s now the latest Senior Associate at COMCO Mundo. Over at COMCO SEA, Joyce Yu’s taking the reins as the new Managing Director, and Hendrich Namoca’s been promoted to Senior Associate. And that’s not all—Narah Faigal and Hiacynth Ablanez from SEA Wave & Spice Multimedia Content Studio earned their stripes as Senior Officers, while Nicole Bamba’s now the newest regularized part of the crew.

TARO AOX is buzzing with excitement as they celebrate some awesome promotions as well. Among the notable advancements are Rachel Syfargo’s appointment as Managing Director and Jam Bufi’s new role as Integrated Communications Manager. Additionally, Jaderick Buhay’s promotion to Officer and the elevation of Chloe Mañalac and Joana Marie De Guzman to Senior Associates mark significant milestones for the team.

COMCO Mundo, TARO AOX, COMCOffee Club and COMCO SEA celebrate Mission 2024

“When we say Mission 2024, it’s not just a profound overview of our advocacies on the community and the society–it’s also our role on ourselves individually, for our families, and for the team as well. We are driven by that; If you are a storyteller, you’d be the best storyteller that can be out there,” Coach Ferds added.

This is just the beginning of the many celebrations coming this year as COMCO Mundo goes full throttle for its Mission 2024!

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