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As COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises celebrates its 8th anniversary, the powerhouse and global award-winning communications group proudly welcomes its newest apprentices under Camp COMCO Mentorship Program now on its 21st cycle. 

Built by the group’s pool of experts, Camp COMCO is an intensive and comprehensive talent incubation initiative, industry linkage course, and apprenticeship program designed as a response to the challenges and opportunities in an ever-evolving industry. The program continues its mission of discovering promising students, fresh graduates and young talents from the fields of communications, marketing, multimedia arts and related disciplines, with the goal of shaping them to become effective communication practitioners and meaningful storytellers that are set to have a lasting impact in the field.

After a thorough and comprehensive review and screening process of numerous applicants, Camp COMCO is delighted to welcome eight new apprentices or COMCOwans who have been selected to join Cycle 21 of Camp COMCO and will be assigned to four different mentorship houses: House Bearcat, House Flying Fox, House Whaleshark, and House Hawksbill.

COMCO Southeast Asia’s Integrated Communications Associate Sharmaine Irish T. Padua (Bachelor of Arts in Communication) from the University of the Philippines – Baguio and Melany Diane M. Mabagos (Bachelor of Arts in Communication-Convergent Media) from Far Eastern University – Manila will join the House Bearcat.

COMCO Mundo’s Online Publication and Content Associate Shane Jhastin D. Picson (Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Specialization in Public Relations) from De La Salle University – Dasmariñas and Peter Bryan F. Pitas (Bachelor of Arts in Communication) from the University of the Philippines Baguio will be under House Hawksbill.

Maria Michaela R. Arosa (Bachelor of Arts in Communication) from the University of Santo Tomas and Gabrielle K. Belmonte (Bachelor of Arts in Communication) from Ateneo de Manila University are assigned to House Flying Fox.

And last but certainly not least, COMCO Mundo’s Multimedia Arts Associate Nicole Francesca Bamba (Bachelor of Arts in Communication) from Saint Paul University – Quezon City and Amy Ruth B. Valenzuela (Bachelor of Arts in Communication-Convergent Media) from Far Eastern University will be part of House Whaleshark.

The respective houses of each COMCOwan will serve as their guides in the program. Through the coming months, these new apprentices will undergo their training in three phases: Skills Calibration, Strategic Communications Immersion, and Specialization Elective. And as part of the program, all of the apprentices will be given the chance to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they’ve gained from their numerous mentoring sessions by competing in the culminating activity of the program, the HOUSE WARS.

Facilitated by COMCO Mundo’s pool of marketing and communication experts and its network of industry practitioners in the region, Camp COMCO’s curriculum is tailor made to ignite the talents and capabilities of the COMCOwans which will give them the opportunity to have a dynamic future in the industry.

Learn more about COMCO Mundo and the Camp COMCO Mentorship Program by visiting www.comcomundo.com or comcomundo.com/camp-comco.

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