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Since its inception in 2019, SEA Wave Pop Culture Magazine has been at the forefront of Southeast Asia’s vibrant pop culture scene, as it captured and shared the latest trends, news and stories to people in the region and beyond.

Today, SEA Wave is excited to announce the debut of a brand-new expansion that exclusively explores one of the liveliest and most exciting countries of Southeast Asia—the Philippines. From the islands of Batanes to Tawi-Tawi, and everything in between, SEA Wave Pilipinas will dive deep into the heart of Filipino pop culture and showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage as well as serving as a platform for amazing stories of creativity and diversity. Expect captivating content, exciting features, and in-depth spotlights on the best that the Philippines has to offer.

It’s time to ride the tides and change the currents as SEA Wave Pilipinas aims to bring the latest waves in Filipino pop culture, entertainment, current events, travel, fashion, games, technology, and so much more! Let’s brave the waves together!


Stay updated with SEA Wave Pilipinas by visiting www.seawavemag.com or following facebook.com/seawavepilipinas on Facebook, @seawavepilipinas on Instagram, @seawaveph on X, and linkedin.com/company/seawavepilipinas on LinkedIn.