Time flies fast when you’re having fun and these past four months working in COMCO have been a blur. Looking back, what I most remember are a multitude of moments when I felt really happy with the path that I’ve taken.
It’s the constant stream of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran songs in the background as the team works on accomplishing whatever needs to be accomplished by the end of the day. It’s the team lunches that help us learn each other’s current TV show obsession. It’s the after-event regroup when we can finally let loose and recap the crazy day we just had — everything that went great and the little setbacks that we had to remedy on the spot with grace.
These small moments speak the loudest about what being part of the COMCO Squadron is.
It’s about growing with the influence of people who not only allow you to grow as a professional but to grow as a person. It’s about not only gaining a network but also friendships that you hope would last a lifetime. It’s about pursuing excellence under the guidance of experts who give you the freedom and the confidence to explore how the industry works.
These are the memories that have stuck with me. The small, seemingly insignificant moments that I cling onto every time I have a particularly off day. When I feel like I’m doing everything wrong. When I feel as if I’m grasping at straws. When my inexperience is at its most evident. These are the moments I keep close to my heart so I can push through the day and start again tomorrow.
It all happened so fast. One moment I’m laying in my childhood bedroom with “monitoring” not even a part of my daily vocabulary; the next, the first thing that pops into my head when I wake up in the morning is “monitoring.”
I can’t wait for the next four months to blur past me as fast as the last four months did. (Hopefully I get to take better videos this time :>)