#STORYTIME! Na-try nyo na bang ma-ospital in consecutive days for different reasons?
This happened a few years back in Vigan, Ilocos, during our Christmas company celebration a.k.a COMCOlidays. Just because that’s how we celebrate—we travel. A lot of things happened to me in this trip, it’s still fresh in my memory. 😂
On our first day, I got sick and had to stay in to rest in our room. It was sad to be sleeping and sick during vacation. The fever didn’t respond to meds so Joan, our HR, had to rush me to the nearest hospital to get checked—in the middle of the night 😭 Did several blood tests, even dengue test because of my depleted platelet count (result was after a few days). Big thanks to our company HMO, I didn’t pay anything.
The next day, I was feeling better. I got a chance to visit top spots with the team while still taking fever meds in between trips. Only to find out that, later on, I would be on the same street but in a wheel chair. 👩‍🦽💨
Well, it’s the Paoay Sand Dunes. The ride at the back of the 4×4 was exciting until, for some funny reason, I landed on my foot wrong after we bounced on a couple of huge sand dune humps. No choice but to be a passenger princess in 4×4, and I wasn’t able to walk since then; I was limping in sharp pain. 😂 And all the guys in our team even had to lift me or assist me just so I could get from our van to another location. The teamwork is teamworking haha.
The morning after, Joan and I went back to the same hospital and to the same doctor. It was funny because it was my first time to visit the same hospital for different reasons in consecutive days lol. Thankfully, my bones are okay; my foot just needed rest. So we borrowed a wheelchair and our good samaritan, Kuya Ram, pushed me the whole day as we travelled along Calle Crisologo and other sites on our trip.
The story actually didn’t end here. On our last day, the results from my initial hospital visit arrived and it said I had acute dengue, and was advised immediate medical attention. Ang swerte, ‘di ba? 🤦🏻‍♀️
In short, I spent the New Year healing from dengue and sprain. I really appreciate the team for assisting me all throughout and allowing me to get the most out of this trip kahit nakawheel-chair at may sinat. It was one for the books and am excited for upcoming travels! But would never want this to happen again haha. And that, is my COMCore Memory 😁