People often claim that happiness comes from material possessions, but for me, it’s rooted in life’s simplest pleasures and the meaningful connections I share with those around me. Allow me to share glimpses of my life lately.
For the past 6 months (yes, regularized na ako 🥳), my growth has been nurtured by COMCO. Being involved in events has brought me immense pleasure while being able to continue my dream as a multimedia artist. It enabled me to explore and meet different people which also allowed me to expand my connections and cherish them. And whenever the team plans something fun outside of work, it strengthens my relationships and reminds me of their importance.
Of course, I’ve also built my own support system. These are the people who have witnessed my setbacks but have also seen me shine along the way.
As I reflect on these past months, I found my greatest joy in these moments of connections and growth and I’m grateful for every opportunity to embrace them.