Months ago I was just a fresh grad who wasn’t sure if she could make it well in the world. Little did she know, God, ever faithful as He is, had already set up something beautiful ahead of her.
If you knew me from school, you’d know that as reserved and timid as I am, you’ll always see me up on stage, speaking my little heart out. It made me ecstatic to give life to events people had worked extremely hard for and hear audiences enjoy what they had prepared. When I started working, I thought I’d have to set aside that passion for a while.
It wasn’t until my team first recognized my knack for speaking. They probably didn’t expect it at all as I used to only talk a few sentences a day during my first few months hahahaha. But it was that client presentation, my first time doing so, that changed everything. During one of our events, my boss suddenly handed me the microphone to do live voice overs! I just came up to her to ask what could I help them with, and there it was, the biggest opportunity of my life, or so I thought.
That very first live vo experience made way for an even bigger opportunity. I got to share my voice for a huge event in Megamall and shout, “WHAT’S UP MEGA FASHION HALL!!!” It was such an out-of-body experience I still can’t wrap my head around. An experience I wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for my teammates’ trust.
They are my biggest cheerleaders, people who I’ve only met a few months ago! That’s when I realized that COMCO isn’t just a training ground for bright minds, it truly is where you can find your people—those who will genuinely root for you and help you grow. This, perhaps, is what sets COMCO apart. They train you for something great, but also open doors to harness the potential you already have in you and walk with you through it all.
Their trust in the little that I have gives me courage to believe I can reach greater heights and eventually do well in the world. Thank you, fellow COMCOys! I can’t wait to make more COMCOre memories, conquer bigger opportunities, and work towards greater missions together. Onward and upward with you! 💜💐