From Cramped Quarters to Creativity Playground: The Evolution of Our Office Space

For the past eight years, COMCO has been in six different office spaces. Reflecting on its evolution from a 4-cubicle corner to a 200-square meter command center that houses five units and sub-units, I cannot help but be amazed at our office transformation and the role it played in nurturing each member of our team.

As I see our homegrown talents, I also remember the days when we huddled in cramped cubicles shared with another company and then moving to a studio room that we could already call our own. Those spaces, though limited, were the breeding grounds of our aspirations and dreams for the company and our team. As these homegrowns and next-in-lines rose to be managers with their own respective expertise, so did our spatial needs evolve.

Few years after we launched, I was tasked to lead our transfer to an expansive office space in the topmost floor of the building. Here, we weren’t just confined to desks; we had rooms to breathe and we were able to stretch our imaginations across the walls lined with glass windows. It was a happy stress designing and planning our new and bigger office.

Then pandemic happened and we had to moveout as we transition to work-from-home setting for almost two years. When offices reopened and economic activities resumed, it was also an opportunity for us to reimagine our new command center — now housing not just our mothership but also other enterprises born in time of covid. The search for the perfect place began again; and stepping into vacant offices reignited my imagination and excitement.

Now with the luxury of our own office, we can recreate the space that truly reflects our collective identity as storytellers. Every nook tells a story, every corner screams personality. But beyond the aesthetics lies the heart of our office — the team spirit that fills every interaction. Here, ideas flow and intertwine, giving birth to landmark campaigns and disruptive initiatives. Friendships and bonds are formed in every meal shared and songs sung together during stressful days. There is a sense of belonging and community that permeates the air and makes one excited to be at work when it’s office reporting day.

Our office isn’t just a physical space; it’s our creativity playground where ideas flourish and dreams take flight. It’s a testament to our journey — from humble beginnings to the realization of our aspirations. We have yet to build our dream space of a café-office-coworking-space-in-one, housing as well COMCOffee Club Shared Services and Enterprise Community, perhaps in a few years’ time. But as we continue to evolve and grow, I’m certain that our office, no matter where it is, will remain the vessel of our creative endeavors, forever nurturing the unique values that define the COMCO Squadron.