From faceplants to fireworks: My failure journey towards today
I think the term ‘core memory’ gained popularity following the release of the Pixar picture Inside Out. In the movie, it showed how Riley’s experiences and memories build up per personality. When I think of my own “core memories,” I try to compartmentalize every facet or season of my life, from childhood to this agonizing period of adulthood, encompassing all the good and the bad experiences that have shaped the person I am now.
I believe it is safe to say that the ‘working era’ is one of the most important periods of our life, especially for people my age. It contributes significantly not just to our growth as workers, but it also builds how we look at how we lived and how we continue to, all our regrets for the things we took for granted and the excitement + anxiety for the things to come.
Of course, this working era will not always greet you in the morning with sunshine and rainbows and end the day with a fireworks display. You cannot always be perfect as epic fails are bound to happen; failures that will help you stand on your feet and realize where you are now. Here’s a COMCOre memory that I would like to share with you:
COMCO is one of the very few companies I tried applying to after college. It took me a while to accept the job offer but I guess I went with it as a “leap of faith” as it was a complete change of environment for me. Just gutfeel and blind courage were all I had.
Yes, every day was challenging, from commuting, to the actual work time, to going home to another barking obstacle (iykyk). A lot of ups and downs, successes, and epic fails, yet I enjoyed all of it. It was fun and I learned a lot. 6 months have passed and there I was hearing my name announced as regularized during COMCO’s 7th anniversary celebration. I legitimately thought that I was lucky as choosing to work in Manila and in COMCO was pure gutfeel. It was so fast and surreal, until the time of my appraisal on my 1st work anniversary.
There I was, in our meeting and I did not hear my name. I was not promoted. I failed. This is where I relate to Riley, that it is not just “joy” that make-up our lives. Though Coach Ferds said, “..don’t feel bad, your time will come”, I can’t help but feel tormented inside. I knew I performed well, so it was puzzling to me at that time. “How can I continue from this?”, I asked myself. But this is just another card that has been dealt to me, and now I must make my play with it.
I will not hide that I thought of just leaving. It will be just like another “leap of faith” and hope that I land somewhere good. But you see, faith is not only about courage, sometimes it also entails patience.
I remained steadfast with my mission in COMCO, and I’m happy I did. I worked along with my great workmates in the management of projects, being immersed in events, meeting new people, creating new connections, and meaningful storytelling. Every day was still a challenge, and while trying to enjoy every step of it, I also took the opportunity to learn more, to step-up and be better. I persisted and waited, and I remained faithful. I had faith in God’s plans, and sure enough a light sparked in the middle of my work life plot.
I, together with Hia and Ate Jo were assigned to spearhead our 8th anniversary celebration. This happened at the same time as the launch of a campaign for a brand partner. I was anxious as we were given the chance to manage a company event that aimed to celebrate our culture, and we had to do it alongside crucial brand PR stuff (and also during Ed Sheeran’s Mathematics Tour season, but that’s a story for another day). Thankfully, we pulled it off.
Came the day of our anniversary celebration; all I had in my mind was how to make my workmates happy and comfortable. I hosted a simple program, and Coach Ferds had some announcements. While the ‘anxiety’ emotion inside my head was panicking about the next part of the program, Coach started to announce new appraisals—and my anxiety went even more haywire.
I was there in the same place a few months before, waiting for my name to be mentioned. I was shaking in silence, and then I heard my name, and everyone erupted into applause. I WAS PROMOTED! And not just one level higher, but I got promoted to Officer! I felt vindicated by all that had happened, that I really just had to wait for my time.
That moment left an imprint on my mind, reminding me that hard work pays reward. Here at COMCO Mundo, no good deed is left unrecognized, and this motivated me to continue the mission for growth.
I am glad that I persisted and that I had to experience all those faceplants because that made the fireworks burn brighter.
But I wouldn’t have done it by myself, so thank you to all who were there for me through this. To those who listened to me (my friends and special mention to Joyce and Ms. Rach). To TARO AOX ICOM and Story Labs, I may be the only thorn among you, roses, but that makes me adore you all even more. Thank you to all my mentors, especially Coach Ferds, for letting me experience this and knowing how to bring out my best, and also to #ourComcoSquadron !
So to you out there; maybe life can be tough and might not go according to your plans, but have faith and continue what you’re doing because you are doing great. Create more awesome memories and fill your life with it—and who knows? Your fireworks display might be lit tomorrow.