*record scratch*
Yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.
January 2023. A fresh graduate after taking a six-month break searches the interweb for a job. I come across a LinkedIn posting looking for persons with pleasing personality to join their ‘camp’. This camp was a program dedicated to training potential communicators in the field of public relations. I thought, hmm, I like to communicate, and I relate to the public. So I hit the ‘apply’ button. Of course, I checked their website to see if it was a scam. And they looked legit. I scrolled around to see that this looked like a fun company, with a roster of high-end brands that they have worked with. Their projects looked fun and the people seemed nice. My second personality told me: “Why not join them?”
That was how I found COMCO.
After a day or two, I received a message that they reviewed my CV and that I was set for an interview. Great! In the interview, I met the company’s Group Chief Executive Director and Co-Founder, our very own Coach Ferds. I was nervous, but in our interview, I felt safe and comfortable. He asked about how we are as potential communicators, and our knowledge of pop culture, and he talked about what was in store for us at Camp COMCO. I knew from then on that this was not you’re average corporate, it’s a GPTW haha. To Coach, if you’re reading this, I’d like to say thank you for seeing something in me. I am glad that you opened a door for me.
I got accepted to the camp (pasok na sa bahay ni Kuya), being mentored by a fellow Atenista, the dashing Ms. Rach. At first, it took me a while to get used to working fast, juggling several press releases. But Ms. Rach showed me the ropes. For that, I am thankful for her guidance during my mentorship. Ms. Rach, thank you.
At the Camp, I was assigned to team Hawksbill. I had fun on that team. Headed by AC, he gave led us into creating a pitch as part of our training. Boy was that stressful, but it did light a spark in me to get creative in making a project. Thank you AC, for making that experience exciting for a first-timer in the industry.
I was then offered a position to COMCO as Brand Communications Associate. I was assigned to COMCO SEA, with fellow Thomasian, the slayest of the slay Ms. Joyce at the helm. I then met the Philippine Rosamund Pike, Ms. Pinky, the shining diamond of Manila, Mabel, and the Queen of Queenies, Ms. Queenie. Eventually, the team would be joined by the Mother™, Clars, Laguna’s Vocal Princess and Elusive Chanteuse, Karen, and fellow Dalagang Marikenya, Louise. The COMCO SEA family. My second family. To COMCO SEA, thank you for everything, for the guidance and the laughs.
Surprisingly, a good chunk of COMCO is into K-Pop. Here I met my fellow ka-delulus (and ka-budol), Paula, the princess of Makati, and Narah, Marikina’s all-rounder. Also part of this group is Ms. Joyce and Louise, my fellow ka-delulus (they’re smart with money unlike me so hindi ko sila ka-budol hahaha). Every moment of our kilig sa mga Korean is a constant joy. I am so glad we were able to share our passion for music.
I can only say that every memory in COMCO is a core memory. I am the type to get sentimental about every small thing (ganyan talaga pag OA at di non-chalant). So I will cherish every minute.
Lagi lagi kitang iisipin, COMCO.