I was also asked of what’s my COMCOre Memory? Well, I guess that would be a lot, especially for me.
It could be the time that I finally listened to a divine call and took that leap of faith to build and lead COMCO. And as they say, the rest is history. It was that moment when our lives started to totally change forever and so as the lives of the people that come our way.
It could be the time when we won the Consultancy of the Year not just in the Philippines but in the entire Asia-Pacific region! It was overwhelming, from a kickstart-up to a disruptive PR agency to a powerhouse communications group from Southeast Asia to Middle East & Africa, we’ve been regarded as the region’s best. And it’s a big thing not just for us but for the country!
Or it could just be the time I get to see all COMCOys, TAROsais and SEA Wave Storytellers, whether in big occasions or small gatherings, or just by plain being together at our HQ. It is a reflection of the great thing we’ve built, a community of great talents and fun folks with a sense of mission.
But my main answer could be, my COMCOre Memory, was the time when I finally said NO to a network agency who’s interested in buying COMCO.
It was a tough decision. We were on our 5th year when that tempting opportunity happened. It could have been an easier route for me and my partners. We could just have received that hefty amount of money and have secured another job or have retired gracefully and let go of all the burdens, challenges and sacrifices of running and leading a company here in the country where doing business has been made even more difficult these days, in exchange of them reaping the benefits of what we’ve built, turning over to them the talents we’ve mentored and nurtured through the years, and killing the brand/s we’ve created that made a mark not just in the industry but in people’s lives.
But COMCO is not all about money. It is a legacy. It is meant for something deeper, purposeful and meaningful. It is a testament that if passion, creativity, talents are matched with great culture, nurturing environment, and genuine team care, nothing would be impossible, the team would be unstoppable, the company can achieve its goals. It is a testament that a David can indeed slay Giants!
During those weeks of personal reflection, team assessment and external consultations, I was reminded of what my mamatchoy told me and what I got from the movie, The Intern, when we’re being bought by another company some years ago.
We created something beautiful. We are doing something great. We’ve created a company with a culture and environment that we just once dreamt of having as passionate storytellers and dedicated team members and employees, which we actually thought not possible. And not all are given the opportunity to have this creation and be successful at it. Why will I just give it up and go back to the life I turned my back on? This, this thing that we’ve built, is worth fighting for, is worth whatever challenges come our way. We need to keep and continue to grow this, to pilot our craftsmanship vessel, and to show the rest that such workplace community with great team culture exists, thrives, and is possible.
And we made the right choice. We are now at the middle of our 10-year masterplan, on our #Mission2024 reinforcing #COMCOinaDifferentLeague in the practice of our profession, and the best is yet to come!
Here’s to #ourCOMCOsquadron and our unique brand of #MeaningfulStorytelling!