I have always believed that God shows Himself in the face of strangers.
This is a late post, but I had some time to contemplate over the Holy Week and came across this old note from a soul sister in the office. When I had to start all over again, she secretly grabbed my notebook and penned the words: ‘I am rooting for you!’ My heart pounded as the message came to me at the exact time I needed it.
This very little sincere act hit me on various levels and made me realize a lot of things.
Redirection is essential for growth. Many times we push so hard on our plans without realizing that there are better and bigger things in store for us. Redirection is essential, allowing us to see the bigger picture and offering us experiences crucial for our growth.
You are in the moment you are supposed to be—have faith. You may not see the better end yet but are in the exact moment you are supposed to be, and you are supposed to go through this process, chiseled and refined to the better person and situation you are meant to be.
Things may be pitch dark elsewhere, but there is light if you have the eyes to see. Light and darkness, blessings and problems come hand in hand; it’s an endless cycle as long as you’re alive. But if you choose to have the eyes that see, you will realize that you may still prosper like a vine peeping through a hole.
My COMCOre memory and all these realizations reflect our very roots in COMCO—we are a group of people growing together, supporting, and lifting each other. We may all be different, but our hearts and eyes are set as one for a company we call home. 💜
I am blessed on this journey, I am faithful, and I am ready to take on the challenge with #COMCOInADifferentLeague as we pursue #Mission2024.