“For you, what is Public Relations?”
This was my million-dollar question because coming into COMCO was a leap of faith for me. I left my previous job without any backup plans, realizing I should finally believe in myself and take action for what my heart wants. And during my final interview with Coach Ferds, he asked me this exact question.
Disclaimer, this isn’t an interview guide… but my response and reflection 8 months in the industry.
“For me, Public Relations is being able to bridge people and organizations…”
Kickstarting my PR career with TARO AOX, I am blessed enough to be entrusted with Samsung’s first-ever Solve for Tomorrow in the Philippines. The nationwide contest aims to empower STEM students to share their ideas, turning them into practical solutions that can impact their local community.
As the PR arm, we initiated call-downs and school rounds for a month where we visited 3-6 schools every week and called over 50 to encourage them to join. Going to schools in Metro Manila and nearby provinces and dialing institutions in far provinces isn’t an easy feat, but it was all worth it!
These schools saw the value and purpose of our visits, seemingly endless phone calls, and online meetings and we were able to secure entries beyond our expectations.
“…and being able to establish relationships with them through your campaigns and ultimately, impacting lives for the better.”
During the finalists’ mentoring sessions, I was able to catch a glimpse of their solutions and can’t help but be amazed by these young innovators’ talents. The judging event is even more marvelous– watching students from nearby and far provinces join us virtually and personally to present their ideas. At the end of a 14-hour day, I told my teammates, “I feel like a proud ate”. And I know they feel the same for these students.
THE BIG DAY for everyone finally dawned as we met our 10 finalists hailing from North Luzon, South Luzon, and Visayas to culminate the first-ever Solve for Tomorrow. My heart was so happy while I was handling the certificates to be awarded to the teams. All of the tiring days, sleepless nights, and anxious hours were wiped away by the smiles on their faces and ultimately, with the idea that I was part of a team that empowered our country’s young innovators to shine through!
Honestly, entering the Public Relations industry is something I never thought I could handle and the very reason why I tried to avoid it for so long! But I know I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I didn’t try… and so I am here! I am still miles away but I’ve gone so far from where I was years ago. First-year college Chloe would be so proud. There will be hurdles along the way just like in any story, but I pray to God to give me more patience, courage, and faith in myself.
To the people that I am with in these photos, thank you for your guidance, support, and trust. Cheers to more meaningful stories to tell, COMCO and TARO AOX!