Where can you see yourself 5 years from now?
A nineteen-year-old me answered “I can see myself having a stable job at the company that I like.”
But guess what?
I quit that “stable job” and restarted. I must admit that it was a scary move, but it was all worth it. I want to give myself a space to grow, learn and reconnect with the dreams I had 5 years ago.
As I took a big step, I entered COMCO. In less than a year, COMCO has had a big impact on me mentally and spiritually. The next thing I know is that I’m building my confidence.
Sharing here my favorite COMCOre memory so far.
First, when I joined CAMP COMCO – It was a mentoring program for interns and new hires. It gives me a brief introduction when it comes to the PR and Communications industry. Got teamed up with talented young apprentices, creating ideas and pitching a campaign. It is not my line of work, but I really enjoyed the whole program. It was a great experience.
Secondly, I got involved in events with big brands like Sony handled by COMCO. The last event I attended was the Sony Next-Gen XP. The experience itself was a little exhausting but exciting at the same time. I’ve got a chance to meet different influencers and artists. Looking forward to more events to come and more artists to meet.
Lastly, We recently celebrated COMCO 8th Anniversary in Val D’orcia Tagaytay. The place is so cozy, and the ambiance is so relaxing. We did nothing but to be ourselves on that day. We chill, sing our hearts out, prepare the food and of course, get a little drunk.
I think this somehow sums up my journey here in COMCO.
It was fun and fulfilling.
Happy 8th Anniversary COMCO!