what is life but a collection of cherished memories? while years can go by in a flash, treasured moments and how they made you feel will stay with you your whole life.

nothing exemplifies this more than my experience in COMCO for the last eight years. while there have been many company milestones and career achievements that i will forever be proud of, some of the most significant core memories that i carry with me are those spent with the squadron during our downtime—specifically all the travels and trips we’ve been through together.

visiting countries for the first time, seeing breathtaking landscapes in person that you’ve only ever seen in movies or tv shows, and learning about other cultures are all irreplaceable experiences for sure, but what makes them even more special is spending that time with people you consider a second family. rushing together to catch a flight, exploring unfamiliar new cities using public transportation, having a group food trip at hole-in-the-wall establishments—these may all seem like trivial glimpses of fleeting moments, but even mundane events truly become precious memories if they involve your precious people.

so to my fellow comcoys, i look forward to continuing this journey with you. here’s to making more comcore memories together! 🥂✈️✨