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In a quick-paced life, everything you experience will seem like a blur unless it’s something really huge; such as an achievement or an event that will bring you to the highest depths of a certain emotion (whether positive or negative). While I do think I have a few that I could tell, it won’t be a “Narah Way” of reflection if I do not focus on the mundane things in my life as a core memory.
With that, I am going to share bits of COMCOre memories that actually became a core to become who I am now, after two years in COMCO.
Working beyond the hours of dawn has been normal for me, especially during college. But on the very first day of work at COMCO, nothing prepared me for overtime work. Back then, all I could do was breathe in, breathe out and continue what I’m doing. After all, that’s what I was used to doing ever since highschool, extended to college and extended to work na rin pala. I remember being slouched on my chair while continuously working. Buti na lang din, work from home. 😅
But hey! It got the job done and that’s one less task for the team too! It definitely wasn’t for nothing. Looking at it now, dito ko nga rin siguro napulot yung pagiging committed (🤩) sa pagtapos ng mga gawain, para makabawas sa lineup.
Another mundane core memory, but this is for the meetings that we get involved in: brainstorming, sharing ideas, alignment meetings or even just team lunches. This is probably the most mundane among the three entries.
Besides occasionally having food in meetings- Ay! HAHAHA I heavily appreciate the idea of getting together with a team to exchange ideas and being able to cook something up in the process. Anything with a learning process is fascinating to me. I could see myself become more confident with the ideas I share in every meeting and learn how perspective looks from another focal point. Kaya ko siya nakikita as core memory kasi, it made me realize how important these meetings are, not only for the progress of certain campaigns, executions, etc. but also, for the camaraderie of the team to progress positively and go to bigger heights together.
I cannot NOT put in here the album budol day with Paula and Hendrich. (Sensya na mga mhie, maeexpose na tayo. Special mention ko na kayo. 😎)
When I first started in COMCO, I didn’t talk much because I couldn’t find people with the same interests as I do. But also, as a newbie in the workforce, I used to believe that my time in work is solely for work and that’s what I did until I came to discover the multi-fans among the squadron. Somehow, we use our fandoms as a way to ease our minds from stressful stuff at work… But especially in this core memory.
It was the day that the Asian Artist Awards was being held in the Philippines. As multifandom K-Pop stans, we were sad that we couldn’t watch our favorite groups live in an award show. Bakit naman kasi weekday, ‘di ba? Additionally, work has been a lot at the time and, of course, we had to prioritize work too.
What better way to ease that stress by buying albums, receiving them on the same day and unboxing them in the office, right? So, we did… We bought one set of three albums each and unboxed them when they arrived. Funnily enough, while the three of us were trying to keep it subtle, the package arrived in a huge box that had ramen and cookies as freebies. Then when we finally unboxed the albums, we ended up trading photocards immediately, because my biases appeared in our photocard pulls. lol.
It was just so funny to me, but I’m just glad that we’re in a workspace that accepts us for our hobbies such as these.
I feel like I still have a lot of stories in my system that have shaped me to become this type of person at work… and siguro beyond work na rin, pero di ko lang napapansin. Overall, being in COMCO itself is already a great core for me, in continuously nurturing and building the type of character that I am.