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A lot can happen in a year, and my journey at COMCO attests to that. 💜🍃
It all started with the lyrics, “If we never try, how will we know?” that piqued my interest in joining COMCO. I remember the first time I heard those lyrics in 2022; it motivated me to challenge myself and discover new things – new experiences that the younger Joana would never have imagined she would have had in a year.
This may sound like a superficial reason that not a single soul would expect, but those words hold so much influence and strength, especially as a newbie in the PR industry. But all thanks to the opportunities and the people I’m experiencing work and life with, I’m making my younger self proud and shookt haha. Who would have thought she’d not only write articles but also become a part of events, meet and talk to esteemed individuals, interview the Queen Cat, and even handle accounts? 🤯
It has been a year since I started this chapter of my life with COMCO/TARO and each day, I’m always surprised by new learnings and thankful for the unexpected friendships I have formed. I found my circle of Swifties, fake cousin (Hia) XD), our very own best friend ni Taylor, Jade Sheeran, Mixue/NineFresh partner Chlo (not sponsored, baka naman), and the OGs I always look up to and am grateful for since the beginning.
But if I were to choose my top core memory, it would be this first quarter of 2024. Looking at it now, our team has really accomplished so much in these first three months. We’ve conquered and ended the first quarter of 2024 with flying colors (hehe thanks, Coach) and many memories that brought us closer and made us stronger. Above all, with them, I’ve realized how significant it is to be surrounded by good people; you learn by heart and they make you want to always look forward to all the ganaps that are yet to come. 🙂