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I bet younger Hia would not believe me if I told her that she’s currently working at one of the excellent PR and digital agencies in Makati, making campaigns, writing articles, joining events, handling big brands, and such. Even more so if I told her that the boring and dull work life she imagined when she was a kid would turn out to be a lie. ‘Coz the truth is, it’s fun to work, especially when you’re surrounded by an extraordinary team.
I think one of the great things that sets COMCO apart from the other agencies is its commitment to valuing its people. Aside from all the learning and countless opportunities, the company has continued to treat us to amusing activities and events! With that, allow me to share my three favorite COMCOre memories. (Hindi ako makapili ng isa hehe)
✨Top three was when we went to Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar. As I’ve mentioned before, it was a great experience to go back in time and relive our Filipino culture and traditions. This gathering will always have a special place in my heart, as this was also my first COMCOlidays and the first tiktok challenge I’ve ever joined with Mishmish, AC, and Mabs! 💃
✨Those who were really close to me can attest to how much I love kids. Can’t find the exact words to describe how happy I am every time I get to meet new kids, especially in church activities, but I just know that there’s this special place in my heart dedicated to kids. And surprisingly, I met a lot of new kids in COMCO! Yey! We call it COMCOlidays with kids, where we spend a day playing with them, getting to know them, and giving them gifts! I’m not sure if I did a great job as an Ate that day, but what I’m sure of is that I did my best. The assigned kid to me even asked me, “Kailan kayo babalik, Ate? ” 🥹
✨Last but foremost, our badminton playoffs. Added this to the list because I didn’t really think that I’d be able to play well, but guess what? I did! The video below is a glimpse of the unofficial battle of Camp COMCO houses—of course there’s me, representing House Hawksbill! Basic. 😎 Char!
This was just a glimpse of the fun side of working at COMCO. There’s a time for work, but there’s also a moment when you’ll find yourself having a great time!
To the younger Hia, please don’t be scared of the corporate world. It’s fun here, trust me!