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Summer season is getting more intense day by day, and this calls for storing more frozen treats to beat the extreme heat. However, this also means food is prone to spoiling more quickly leading to waste if not stored properly. That is why, finding the right fridge that’ll guarantee freshness for longer and maximum energy efficiency is essential—helping you make the most out of it without sweating over your bill.

Make sure your home is summer-ready with upgraded kitchen essentials, so your family can enjoy your favorite food and frozen delights without worry. Good thing Toshiba Lifestyle Philippines offers a wide selection of Japanese-quality refrigerators that are perfect for all your different needs, letting you upgrade your kitchen and have bigger storage space for a hassle-free summer.

Toshiba 7 and 9 Cu. Ft. No Frost Inverter Refrigerator

Energy-efficient upgrade for your kitchen

If you’re eyeing upgrades for your kitchen essentials and already own a refrigerator, consider switching from a conventional to an inverter refrigerator for maximum energy efficiency. You can check out Toshiba’s 7 and 9 Cu. Ft. no frost inverter refrigerators with an origin inverter compressor that delivers the highest accuracy in temperature, maximizing energy efficiency. It also keeps cool air clean by filtering odor and hindering bacteria growth with its built-in Ag+Bio deodorizer. The airfall cooling and storage tray cooling features also guarantee to keep your perishables fresh for longer.

Toshiba 12 Cu. Ft. No-Frost Bottom Mount Freezer

Ergonomic, bigger freezer storage

You can now splurge on your favorite frozen food and refreshments with the Toshiba 12 Cu. Ft. No-Frost Bottom Mount Freezer, providing easy access to the fridge section with bigger freezer space. Designed to perform ergonomically, this refrigerator is equipped with total no-frost technology and a multi-air flow system, allowing for even cooling and freezing all throughout.

You need not worry about where to store all your goods this summer as this variant comes with a foldable shelf, big vegetable box, flex-zone, cool beer space, sealed ice maker for huge ice cubes, adjustable half shelf, and sealed box.

Toshiba 18 Cu. Ft. No Frost Side By Side Refrigerator

Space-efficiency and flexibility

In need of a larger cooling storage but have limited space? A side-by-side refrigerator is a better choice to consider. Toshiba’s 18 Cu. Ft. No Frost Side By Side Refrigerator, for instance, lets you organize your perishables and treats with its wider shelves, making it easier to maximize usable space as you see fit. Its space-efficient compartments also provide convenient access to your daily needs.

It has Wi-Fi control via the T-Smartlife App, which lets you control your home appliances from anywhere. With 7-layer cooling vents, integrated handle and digital control, 90° accessibility, 50-50 symmetry, and low noise operation, it caters to details that matter most to you, so you can enjoy your summer without hassle.

Toshiba 18 Cu. Ft. No Frost Side By Side Refrigerator


Next-level kitchen organization

Achieve your kitchen organization goals this summer with the Toshiba 22 Cu. Ft. No Frost Side by Side Refrigerator that is also wi-fi controlled through the T-SmartLife App and features more fridge and freezer sections. This allows you to freely arrange your goods, so you can keep track of what’s in stock and prevent wasting any food items. Aside from this feature, it is also engineered with max-humid fresh, dual alloy cooling, separate preservation, humidity control, and free position to ensure quality freshness.

Distributed by Concepcion Midea Incorporated Philippines (CMIP), Toshiba Lifestyle products are backed up by Concepcion’s after-sales expertise, offering one year product warranty for parts and labor, and 10 years for the compressor.  Its extensive intuitively smart range of products are also built with remarkable innovation and craftsmanship, providing everyday perfection one home at a time.

To know more about Toshiba’s Japan quality home appliance solutions, visit https://www.toshiba-lifestyle.com/ph.

About Toshiba Lifestyle

Toshiba is the world’s leading manufacturer of artisanal home appliance solutions with over 140 years of pioneering experience. Catering to the lifestyle needs of today’s discerning customers, it takes pride in its superior Japanese quality with uncompromising attention to detail. Toshiba’s diverse product portfolio includes innovative kitchen, laundry, fresh storage, small appliances, and air care solutions.

Toshiba constantly pushes the boundaries of convention, developing enhanced functionality and ensuring true comfort and convenience. Its commitment to precise craftsmanship and state-of-the-art manufacturing demonstrates Toshiba’s relentless pursuit of excellence, delivering perfection one home at a time.

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