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“What is your COMCOre Memory”
That was the question that made me think, after a year in COMCO what are the memories/moments that made an impact. With this, I was forced into a flashback one year from now…
One year before COMCO…I remembered that fateful email that got me my first ever step on my journey, little did I know the adventure that awaits me. It was an email from COMCO saying that I was able to get a job interview for the position I was applying, and I remembered how surreal the whole thing was. but by God’s grace I was able to land my first ever job. I walked into the Madrigal building pouring out cold sweat due to nervousness and came out – still pouring cold sweat but with a smile. I told myself “This is it! I can’t wait to start my Journey”. I daydreamed that my first few weeks were smooth and perfect, but in reality I can describe my first few weeks at COMCO using one word: Chaotic. It was fun! Meeting new people, making new friends – I was even able to make my first Frenemie who I always tease and made fun of at the office. But at the same time, there also goes my responsibilities as a fresh employee. At first, I was having difficulties at managing projects and tasks. It was challenging but I was able to survive thanks to my teammates: Kuya AC and Narah (Thank you so much for your patience ❤️). So a few “Oopsies”, a little bit of “Moving Forward” and the time when I received a direct call from my director: Ms Rach (If you know the story, well you know haha) bit by bit COMCO keeps training me not only to be an efficient designer, but as well as a leader. It was absolutely fun at the same time meaningful, for with each day comes in new challenges and new obstacles to overcome as well as new lessons to be learned.
Fast Forward a few months later, It was March 2023 the most important month of the year for COMCO… Since it was my birth month 😂… It was also COMCO’s 7th Anniversary! The celebration started off with us eating at Vikings MOA, we chatted and laughed it was a blast (Especially the food, it was delicious) and the celebration ended with a note in which Coach Ferds gave off some important announcements. He announced the COMCOys who are going to be promoted and one of them was actually part of my team. It gave me more inspiration to work even harder since COMCO shows that they praise those who have shown growth and passion in their work, the thought of me obtaining my dream role one day made me more hopeful and inspired. As I thought that the party had ended on that cheerful note, the night apparently had other plans for us. Me and the other associates want to celebrate even further, so we asked our leaders if they want to join. To my surprise they agreed, they even pitched in to the venue and most importantly: the food! It was an amazing time, we all laughed, sang songs (More likely screaming rather than singing), and one of us actually got injured by doing a High Kick (Hi Gab.02). The whole celebration was Epic indeed. I remembered coming home and thought to myself “This is one amazing journey”. And so the next morning, I woke up with one hell of a hangover 😅
In COMCO there’s never really a dull moment, not a single day the same. Its always full of surprises and challenges that keeps me on my feet. To this im grateful to be part of the COMCOsquadron and I cant wait what other memories I will be making that will be part of my COMCOre Memory archive. Cheers!