The epic celebration of COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises continues with the announcement of major staff promotions this third quarter of 2023.


Queenie Resmundo, the Agency’s newest Partner, is now promoted to COMCO Southeast Asia‘s Senior Account Operations Manager and Business Unit Administrator Pro Tempore for Public Relations and Communications. Queenie is an alumna of the Camp COMCO Mentorship Program from Cycle 2 and is the Steward of House Flying Fox.

With her expertise and experience in Finance and Accounting Management, Mhyles Mercado has undergone an accelerated promotion and is now COMCO Mundo’s Corporate Services Supervisor.

Paula Sison continues to expand her skills and craft in the PR industry as well as demonstrate her leadership potential as she takes on her new role as COMCO Mundo’s Senior Executive Initiatives and Communications Officer. Paula is from Cycle 19 of Camp COMCO under House Flying Fox. She led their house to win the House Wars pitch competition for Nestle during their cycle.

Also qualifying for accelerated promotion are Mabel Villanueva and Gabby Marcelo who are now Brand Communications Officer and Executive Initiatives and Communications, respectively.

Mabel specializes in technology and lifestyle PR. She is also a proud graduate of Camp COMCO Cycle 15 under House Bearcat. She also led their house to be declared as Grand Champion for the House Wars for Theo & Philo Chocolates.

Gabbie Marcelo, also a graduate of Camp COMCO Cycle 18 under House Whaleshark, is currently working on COMCO Mundo’s award-winning special projects and SEA Wave Pop Culture Studio.

Gabriel Gonzales is also promoted to Senior  Multimedia Arts Associate. A graduate of Camp COMCO Cycle 16, Gabriel demonstrated exemplary performance in graphics design, video storytelling, and multimedia arts. Their house won the House Wars pitch competition for the CARA Animal Welfare Society.

Nurturing talent and inspiring excellence, COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises continues to its success with these promoted staff leading more projects and campaigns of the group of companies.

“We have seen how each of them grew with COMCO – their talent, dedication, and excellence reflected their performance throughout the years and we are incredibly proud of them. We can’t wait to see COMCO Mundo’s future with these bright talents continuously showcasing what meaningful storytelling is,” said Mr. Ferdinand L. Bondoy, COMCO Mundo’s Group Chief Executive Director and Lead Strategic Communications Counsel / Partner and Co-Founder.

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About COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises

COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises is the parent company and umbrella group for all of COMCO’s existing and upcoming ventures and initiatives, a collective of agencies and programs dedicated to advancing the communications profession and related disciplines such as digital, media, advocacy, training and education, and entrepreneurship, among others; to being a force for social change; to nurturing talent growth and workplace community culture; and to championing borderless collaboration. The COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises is comprised of COMCO Southeast Asia, COMCO Middle East and Africa, TARO AOX Inc., SEA Wave Pop Culture Studio, Camp COMCO Mentorship Program and Alumni Society, and Citizen COMCO Advocacy Program.